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Thinking about selling your lake home?

Your home is a very valuable asset to you and you will maximize your return when you sell it. Some people want to try and save the real estate commission and market their own property. Research has proven that sellers who employ a professional real estate agent end up with more money from the sale of their home and the possibility of a problem or lawsuit as a result of the transaction is greatly reduced.

You employ a professional to advise you on stocks and other investments, do your tax return, handle various legal matters and many other tasks. Marketing real estate is just as complex.

The prospect of a timely sale will be greatly enhanced by employing a professional. The cost of owning a home (insurance, taxes, utilities, repairs, and interest on your investment) for six months will usually be more than the fee a real estate agent would charge. In addition, you don’t have the hassle of dealing with a lot of buyers that are not sure of what they are looking for. Most people don’t buy three or four homes in a lifetime and need considerable assistance throughout the home buying process. Contracts must be prepared to meet buyer and seller needs, financing arrangements made, and many other details to get the property through escrow must be taken care of.

Now that you have made the smart choice to have a professional help you maximize your return, how do you decide which one to use? Some of the things you should ask are:

Does the agent have the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate my home?

The staff at Texoma Agency has over 30 years of combined experience in the real estate field.  More importantly, your business is important to us.  We will do everything possible to make sure your property sells!

How active in the market is the agent I am considering?

Texoma Agency had a total volume of over $23 Million for 2013 with over 100 properties sold and 42 properties contracted or sold as of July 2014. This is considerably more than any other office in our area. Real estate is our only business so we are not distracted from our task of selling your property.

Will the agent I choose give my property maximum exposure to the current market?

Our office is located on Highway 70, which has a daily traffic count of over 8,000 vehicles. We have a considerable amount of drive-in business. Our office has a database of hundreds of potential clients. The office is staffed and open on weekends to accommodate the large volume of tourists and visitors to our area. We know the best markets to advertise in and what type of advertising works best. We are a member of the Texoma Board of Realtors and our properties are listed on the MLS. We also advertise in the Preview magazine and The Madill Record. 

Is the agent familiar with financing plans?

The staff at Texoma Agency works very closely with local banks and we stay up to date on the latest rates and options. There are hundreds of financing plans available, and we can help the buyer find the right plan for them.

What happens when a buyer is found for your property?

We will do everything possible to structure the contract to protect you, the seller. Then, we will follow up on all the inspections, survey, title work, and financing to be certain your sale closes in a timely manner. The last thing you want after you sign a contract is for a problem to develop that costs you a buyer. Over 90% of all contracts we put into escrow end up closing.